Sunday, February 19, 2012

My blog Feb. 19, 2012

What an unusual day I am having...  It is raining, sunny, cloudy, rain, sunny, overcast, sunny, drizzle, sunny, downpour, cloudy, rainy, etc.  You get the picture.

Finished reading Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards.  I loved her honesty, and think she is an awesome lady, and such an inspiration to all women.  Politics did not enter my reading this.  A friend gave me the book after she was done reading it, and since I love to read, I read it.  That's weird.  Read and Read are the same, but pronounced different.  Oh well, my mind drifted for a moment.  Well it drifter further on to red, read, read, and reed...  ha ha.. Help me be still my brain.....ha ha.

Made a quick thank you card for my neighbors daughter who was here visiting from Arizona.  
I also did some crocheting.  Working on a Christmas scarf.  It is proving to be easy for me.  I even read the pattern.  I am so proud of me...  ha ha. 

It is getting more challenging using this keyboard.  The letters are either worn off or wearing on.  Good thing I have a general idea where they are. ha ha.  I can't use the laptop until I get a mouse.  That square thing and me do not get along.  I want to go one way, and they insist on going another... ha ha.  Well, I am going to go play in the puddles while it's not raining and take Miss Beulah out for a walk. G-d forbid her paws get wet..  ha ha....She has me trained.  ha ha.

Until next time

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥Happy Valentine's Day ♥ February 14, 2012

With today being Valentine's Day, I am missing Don so much.  I know he is in heaven looking out for me.  Lord knows I need it.  ha ha.
A friend posted on her blog her first Valentine Day with her hubby and it was so sweet it inspired me to write about mine. 
Neither of us liked to go out on holidays.  Way to crowded and it takes the intimacy out of the holidays, no matter which ones they are.  So for our first Valentine dinner I made Don a heart shaped meatloaf (he loved his ground beef.. me.. not so much), corn, and pink mashed potatoes.  I just added red food coloring to the milk when I whipped the potatoes.  Made another heart on top of the heart shaped meatloaf in ketchup.  He was blown away.  He loved it.  And so, every year until he died, I made the same exact thing.  The only difference is that when they came out with the squeeze type of Heinz ketchup I used that to write I Love You around the edge of the plate...  My grandson Justin, to this day remembers it.  He was with us one year, maybe more.  I loved to do these small things for Don.  I really believe it's the small things in life that matter the most. He would pick me flowers, and not just for Valentine's Day.  He bought them sometimes, but mostly he would pick them and they meant the world to me.  What I wouldn't give to just see his face one more time today when he handed them to me along with the biggest card he could find. ha ha.  He loved big cards..ha ha..
So as I sit here and reflect upon our 25 years of Valentine Days I can honestly say I had the best husband in the world.  He would always get my mom a box of chocolates too.  She is also in heaven missing them, and my dad telling her she should share.  ha ha.  I can picture them all there looking down and wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day... 
Love and miss you like crazy

Monday, February 13, 2012

I am doing another 10 of 100 ~ February 13, 2012

I have neglected my blog.  Shame on me.  I am doing another 10 of 100.
It has been so cold these past few days.  Yesterday morning it was  31 with a wind chill of 21.  High today will be 61. Remember, this is Florida.  But in true Florida fashion, it will be back up to 80 on Wednesday. Went and got some really nice produce from the farmers market here this morning.  Beautiful green peppers (and I don't even like them).. ha ha..  some pears, fresh green beans, lettuce, onions, cauliflower, all for $5.00.  Not bad huh..... ha ha
I have been having so much fun with my crocheting.  I found a pattern for a head thingy, and I am trying to read the pattern to do it.  I think I can.  I hope I can.  This will give me so much confidence if I can do it. 
I am in desperate need of a 12 step program for pinterest.........................It is sooooooo addicting I can't get off it.  My eyes burn from being on this computer so much.  ha ha.  It reminds me of when I first joined facebook and we were all playing farmville with a fervor that matched none other.  My goodness, planting and harvesting before your crops spoiled.  ha ha.  I had a friend, who shall remain anonymous, that would set her clock to make sure she harvested her crops on time.  ha ha.  I wasn't far behind her in the obsession.  I finally got over it, and have replaced it with pinterest.  There are so many people on there and so much to see. 
10 Reasons To Save Money
 1. Vacation to see the grandkids
 2. Train or Cruise to Alaska
 3. Beulah to the vet
 4. New Mattress
 5. New Couch
 6. Buy yarn and more yarn and more yarn
 7. Buy more card/scrapbooking supplies...Like I don't already have enough.  ha ha
 8. Redo extra room
 9. Carpet the living room ~ I am sorry I just put down this wood floor.  Beulah slides all over it and since it's just been about a year I can't do it now.  But if I could, I would
10. So I don't have to worry every month.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 of 100 is the letter P ~ Wednesday February 8, 2012

Another lazy kind of day.  Worked a little doing some crocheting, and looking around the computer for new and different patterns.  I think you could spend "years" looking and still not see it all.  All I know is that I had to go put more liquid tears in my eyes, or whatever that is called.  I did make one of my weekly/bi-weekly/daily trips to the drug store.  They still don't have a loan department, which I think is outrageous.  ha ha.  Made some chicken for supper and didn't really want it, so I shredded it put it in the refrigerator and will make some chicken salad tomorrow.  Yeah..  That sounds good to me... Took a trip around pinterest too.  I am afraid that it will be my next addiction....ha ha.. 
My next list of 10 of 100 is the letter P.  Just the first 10 words that pop into your mind.
 1. Pop
 2. Pineapple
 3. Pear
 4. Poodle
 5. Purchase
 6. Pressure
 7. Princess
 8. Plop
 9. Pizza
HA HA HA.  I wonder where those words came from and why they popped up...  ha ha..  The mind is a strange and wonderful thing, so I guess we need to use it before we lose it, which at my age, may sadly not be to far into the future. So join me if your up to it... 

Until next time......

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 list of 100.~ February 7, 2012

Okay, here's another 10 list of 100.
Your go to a remote island and can only bring 10 things with you.  No electronics.  What would you bring?
  1. Lots of books.  No idea how long I'll be there.
  2. Suntan Lotion
  3. Deodorant - want to be able to stand myself
  4. Crocheting hooks and yarn
  5. paper
  6. clothes
  7. soap
  8. toothpaste
  9. toothbrush
It has been a very cloudy and overcast day. We really need the rain.  We are so dry and fires are a constant worry.  The grass is like hay. It did rain a tiny bit yesterday, but it was more of a spitting than a rain.
Had a good time at crocheting today, although I didn't want to do much.  ha ha.  One of those kinds of days.
So until the next time........

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday - February 5, 2012

As I sit here enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee, I thought  I would post this early as today is a wonderful day for football.  Super Bowl, commercials, The Voice, I don't think it gets any better.  HA HA.  It's days like today I really miss my hubby and dad.  We would always bet on the game.  Dad and I would bet the hard cash, Don and I would bet chores...Only he never did them when he lost.  Technically he did, but not really.  An example would be, if I lost I had to eat a cup of black eye peas, and he had to do dishes for a week.  He lost.  Dishes kept piling up.  When I told him, he said the bet was for 1 week, and he was saving them up.  Needless to say, I did them as I couldn't stand for them to sit like that.  ha ha. He was a smart one, my guy.. ha ha.. Dad and I would be on the phone every time there was a touchdown or a really good play.  I really do miss that.  Once my birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday.  We had a Super Bowl party, not a birthday party. ha ha... Now I will sit here watching by myself and turn to no one and not pick up a phone.  That's sad, but I'm strong, and I get through things because I have to.
Woke up this morning to the birds singing so loud, I wanted to strangle them.  ha ha.  They were right outside my window just having a good ole time.  ha ha.  It got me thinking if they all can sing.  Is there one in the bunch who is off key?  What would the other birds do?  Would they ostracize him/her? I know I can't carry a tune, but I sing my heart out.  Wonder if some of the birds are the same way?  It's odd the things I think of.  Like how to the bears know to cross where they put up the "Bear Crossing" signs?  What's up with that?  If they can read that then why can't they read the "Keep of the Grass" signs?  ha ha.  Ah..the mind is a dangerous thing.  ha ha.  At least mine is. 
Need to pay some bills today, and run (well drive) to the grocery store and the pharmacy.  Need to see if they both have loan departments, especially the drug store.  The perks of getting old.  ha ha.
So, until next time......

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Litigators - February 4, 2012

Just finished reading The Litigators by John Grishom.  I was #247 on the wait list at the library for this, and I was really excited about it coming in.  As I recall, I had only read one of his books, The Firm, and that was many many many moons ago.  This is the story of two attorneys who are basically ambulance chasers.  Another attorney loses it, and leaves his expensive law firm.  He goes to a bar, gets drunk, and winds up on the doorstep of Figg and Finley.  They take in David Zinc and are still ambulance chasers.  One attorney decides to go after a major drug company, with no knowledge, and figure they can sail on the coat tails of major tort litigators.  Not so fast, they decide to make a federal case out of one of Figg and Finley's cases.  I don't want to say to much more in case anyone reads it.  It had a lot of humor interjected throughout the book, and really held my interest.

Finally got to take Beulah to Petco to have her nails clipped.  I know she feels so much better.  I know I do too.  ha ha..

New recipe for Frozen Yogurt

Buy a container of Yoplait or whatever kind of yogurt you like
Stick it in freezer
When frozen, eat it.

It really was good. I had the peach mango and yummy.....

Until next time

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

Not much going happening on this Friday.  Spent the day crocheting a little bit, yakking it up with the neighbors, sitting out and reading.  

I am so mad at the groomer.  I have been trying to get Beulah in for 2 weeks now.  Just to get her nails clipped.  I called last week, and got the recorder.  Kelly must have been busy.  She never called me back.  I have called 3 times this week, and she still can't do it.  I have been using her for over 12 years, and guess what???  Time for a new person.  When she can't see Beulah for 10 minutes.  Poor baby....

I'm done my rant, so until next time

Thursday, February 2, 2012

List of 10 ~ 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me -February 2, 2012

Okay, Back to the List of 10 of 100
Today I thought I would do 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me.
Ummm..  Do I have to answer???  ha ha.
1. That I am a middle child.  I had an older brother that was stillborn.
2. As to my middle name, I was named after my mom's friend JoAnn but they called her JoJo, and so mine is Jo
3. I think everyone knows, but I do not require a lot of sleep and am up all hours of the day and night
4. I am scared of the dark.  I need some light on at night, even in the bedroom
5. I am a klutz, and tell on myself all the time.
6. I am a homebody that has force herself out of the house
7. I love to read and write, but no arithmetic ha ha
8.I love monkeys, and have since I was an infant.  My uncle gave me one the day I was born and I  still have it.
9. I can do a "fish face" without using my hands to pinch in my cheeks.  ha ha
10. I believe that my mom, dad, Don, and our dogs that have died are my angels.  I believe this with all my heart and soul.
So, join me and create your own list of 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff and Billy ? - February 1, 2012

I had to post this picture today in honor of my baby brothers birthday.  Happy Birthday Jeff..... I just feel bad that he had to work today..  He deserves all the good things (like me, his sister) life can bring him. I also think it's my son-in-law's birthday.  I hope it is because I left a message on his cell phone wishing him a Happy Birthday.  I told him if not, save it.  ha ha..  Happy Birthday Billy, I think.

Went to physical therapy again today.  I don't see any difference and in all honesty when I get out I feel good for about 15 minutes.  Then the ice pack wears off and it hurts worse than it did when I walked in there.  But I guess pain means it's doing something, although I have pain all the time.  Enough of that, we are all getting older and things break down, and move south.  ha ha...

Seems like there isn't much on tonight.  All the shows I watch are re-runs.  And shock, I don't feel like being on the computer, so I guess I will either crochet or try to read that book I started.  It was good in the beginning, but I am really having a hard time getting on with it.  

Well, until next time.