Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Litigators - February 4, 2012

Just finished reading The Litigators by John Grishom.  I was #247 on the wait list at the library for this, and I was really excited about it coming in.  As I recall, I had only read one of his books, The Firm, and that was many many many moons ago.  This is the story of two attorneys who are basically ambulance chasers.  Another attorney loses it, and leaves his expensive law firm.  He goes to a bar, gets drunk, and winds up on the doorstep of Figg and Finley.  They take in David Zinc and are still ambulance chasers.  One attorney decides to go after a major drug company, with no knowledge, and figure they can sail on the coat tails of major tort litigators.  Not so fast, they decide to make a federal case out of one of Figg and Finley's cases.  I don't want to say to much more in case anyone reads it.  It had a lot of humor interjected throughout the book, and really held my interest.

Finally got to take Beulah to Petco to have her nails clipped.  I know she feels so much better.  I know I do too.  ha ha..

New recipe for Frozen Yogurt

Buy a container of Yoplait or whatever kind of yogurt you like
Stick it in freezer
When frozen, eat it.

It really was good. I had the peach mango and yummy.....

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  1. The Litigators has so much going for it, the usual well-drawn, quirky characters that Grisham does so well, and the realism of life as a lawyer, the only flaw I could find in the story is the pace. The situation just didn't grab me that way Grisham's last book, the Confession did. I enjoyed the book immensely while reading it, but I didn't 'have' to pick it up and finish it like I did with The Confession. Now that book had me going until the last page, and I cried at the ending, something I haven't done since Bridges of Madison County.