Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Senior Dog’s Prayer - Beulah - June 20, 2012

                              Beulah a lot grey but oh so cute

         Beulah a lot grey but oh so cute spread out
Wow, I came across this poem and had to post it.  I know Beulah is getting (she's already there) older, and I would never think of letting anything happen to her because she was old.  Coco died at home with Don and I petting him and talking to him.  He was so peaceful until he took his last breath, I screamed, he opened his eyes, and just went to sleep.  I wish I hadn't done that, but it was a reflex action.  He will be missed forever.  With Schmutz we had to have her put to sleep as she was chocking as her tongue had swelled from her heart problems.  We went to the vets and held her while they gave her the medication to put her to sleep.  Again, she was held, loved, and went peacefully.  I will do no less for Beulah whenever her time is. 
Beulah is such a nice little girl.  She is kind and loves everyone.  She may look old (one of the neighbors when he sees her always says how's the Old Timer doing.  That's okay.  She is getting older, just like me.  She's gained weight and turned grey.  Hey.. So have I.  I am glad I have someone to grow old with.  All she needs to do is look at me with those beautiful eyes and a tilt of her head and I'm a goner.  Yes, in case you haven't guessed it, she owns me.  ha ha.
Here is the poem that just tore me up, and I could not stop crying.  Bless all the old timers who give us all they have and then some.
A Senior Dog’s Prayer
One by one, they pass my cage,
Too old, too worn, too broken, no way.
Way past his time, he can’t run and play.
They shake their heads slowly and go on their way.

A little old man, arthritic and sore,
It seems I am not wanted anymore
I once had a home, I once had a bed,
A place that was warm, and where I was fed.

Now my muzzle is grey, and my eyes slowly fail.
Who wants a dog so old and so frail?
My family decided I didn’t belong,
I got in their way, my attitude was wrong.

Whatever excuse they made in their head,
Can’t justify how they left me for dead.
Now I sit in this cage, where day after day,
Those younger dogs get adopted away.

When I had almost come to the end of my rope,
You saw my face, and I finally had hope.
You saw thru the grey, and the legs bent with age,
And felt I still had life beyond the cage

You took me home, gave me food and a bed.
And shared your own pillow with my poor tired head.
We snuggle and play, and you talk to me low,
You love me so dearly, you want me to know.

I may have lived most of my life with another,
But you outshine them with a love so much stronger.
And I promise to return all the love I can give,
To You, my dear person, as long as I live.

I may be with you for a week or for years,
We will share many smiles, you will no doubt shed tears.
And when the time comes that God deems I must leave,
I know you will cry and your heart, it will grieve.

And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new,
My thoughts and my heart will still be with you.
And I will brag to all who will hear,
Of the angel who made my last days so dear.

~ Author Unknown

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinky Ring - Memories - June 11, 2012

                                         This is not my pinky finger, just so you know.

It's just that kind of day.  Sort of melancholy.  You would think that it would be all of last week with all the rain, thunder, and lightening we had.  And we did get it good.  We needed it so bad. Hopefully this will keep the fires at bay.  And it is hurricane season.  Dang.  There was one clap of thunder yesterday that honest to pete, made the trailer shake.  Scared the you know what out of me.  Beulah had already been there since she sensed it coming.  I don't do storms very well.  It just brings home the feelings of being alone.  Oh well..
I started to knit.  Yeah for me...  ha ha.  Well, that may be a gross exaggeration of knitting.  I have learned to put the stitches onto the needle.  ha ha...  And I like that part so far.  ha ha...
I am trying to do some of the things on my so called "bucket list".  I think it's more of a "I'm bored I want to do.......". ha ha.  I have always wanted to learn to really crochet, knit, and quilting.  I am on my way with crocheting, and I love it.  My hands aren't always cooperating though.  With my carpal tunnel and arthritis, they get sore, but oh well, that just lets me know that they are still there. The saddest part of all that is that I have had to take off my pinky ring.  I just about cried.  I have had that on my pinky for 43 years.  I got it as a gift from my mom and dad for my 16th birthday, along with a great sweet sixteen party.  It was my initials DJB with a tiny diamond.  I always thought it sort of looked like a U instead of a J, but I loved it then, and I love it now. Wish I could find those pictures.  Anyway,  I will keep trying to get it on.  The strange part is how strange my finger feels without it.  Over the years my fingers have gotten fatter along with the rest of me, but it still fit.  Now old age is doing it for me. 
Well this was short, but need to take my baby girl out in this insufferable heat.  At least it's not storming.
Until next time.