Sunday, February 19, 2012

My blog Feb. 19, 2012

What an unusual day I am having...  It is raining, sunny, cloudy, rain, sunny, overcast, sunny, drizzle, sunny, downpour, cloudy, rainy, etc.  You get the picture.

Finished reading Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards.  I loved her honesty, and think she is an awesome lady, and such an inspiration to all women.  Politics did not enter my reading this.  A friend gave me the book after she was done reading it, and since I love to read, I read it.  That's weird.  Read and Read are the same, but pronounced different.  Oh well, my mind drifted for a moment.  Well it drifter further on to red, read, read, and reed...  ha ha.. Help me be still my brain.....ha ha.

Made a quick thank you card for my neighbors daughter who was here visiting from Arizona.  
I also did some crocheting.  Working on a Christmas scarf.  It is proving to be easy for me.  I even read the pattern.  I am so proud of me...  ha ha. 

It is getting more challenging using this keyboard.  The letters are either worn off or wearing on.  Good thing I have a general idea where they are. ha ha.  I can't use the laptop until I get a mouse.  That square thing and me do not get along.  I want to go one way, and they insist on going another... ha ha.  Well, I am going to go play in the puddles while it's not raining and take Miss Beulah out for a walk. G-d forbid her paws get wet..  ha ha....She has me trained.  ha ha.

Until next time


  1. Hahaha, your blog makes me laugh, I love it!

    The m&m's card is cute, I hope the recipient loved it too. And well done on reading the crochet pattern, wow, it's like a whole new world opens up when you can read those funny little instructions!

    1. Aww. Thanks for the compliment Nicole. I don't really try to be funny, it just comes out that way sometimes. ha ha... I just made the card yesterday and will mail it off tomorrow as the post office is closed today. . I hope she likes it too.... And I still don't understand all of it, but I'm trying.. You need to post some of the things you have made. I would love to see them. Have a wonderful day.