Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥Happy Valentine's Day ♥ February 14, 2012

With today being Valentine's Day, I am missing Don so much.  I know he is in heaven looking out for me.  Lord knows I need it.  ha ha.
A friend posted on her blog her first Valentine Day with her hubby and it was so sweet it inspired me to write about mine. 
Neither of us liked to go out on holidays.  Way to crowded and it takes the intimacy out of the holidays, no matter which ones they are.  So for our first Valentine dinner I made Don a heart shaped meatloaf (he loved his ground beef.. me.. not so much), corn, and pink mashed potatoes.  I just added red food coloring to the milk when I whipped the potatoes.  Made another heart on top of the heart shaped meatloaf in ketchup.  He was blown away.  He loved it.  And so, every year until he died, I made the same exact thing.  The only difference is that when they came out with the squeeze type of Heinz ketchup I used that to write I Love You around the edge of the plate...  My grandson Justin, to this day remembers it.  He was with us one year, maybe more.  I loved to do these small things for Don.  I really believe it's the small things in life that matter the most. He would pick me flowers, and not just for Valentine's Day.  He bought them sometimes, but mostly he would pick them and they meant the world to me.  What I wouldn't give to just see his face one more time today when he handed them to me along with the biggest card he could find. ha ha.  He loved big cards..ha ha..
So as I sit here and reflect upon our 25 years of Valentine Days I can honestly say I had the best husband in the world.  He would always get my mom a box of chocolates too.  She is also in heaven missing them, and my dad telling her she should share.  ha ha.  I can picture them all there looking down and wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day... 
Love and miss you like crazy


  1. Denise that is such a wonderful post, the love for your husband shines. But you also made me laugh, with your dad telling your mum to share the chocolates!

    My husband and I don't celebrate Valentines Day, we used to when we first started dating and got married, but now I think it's overrated and commercial. Usually I'll make a cake or just a nice dinner, but yesterday afternoon time got away from me because my son fell over in the driveway and skinned his knees, foot and one toe. He was boo-hooing and carrying on, it was a major operation that required 4 band-aids and a lie down on the couch holding mummy's hand, therefore a nice dinner went out the window. Better luck to me today :)

    1. I hope he is feeling better now. It is a commercial holiday for people that are dating. Once you are married, every day is Valentine's Day. You don't need a special day to say I Love You. Your not going to propose or be proposed to, so it's just another lovely day to spend as a family and a couple. The pressure is off.... ha ha.. And thanks Nicole for your kind words.

  2. I love your story. thank you for sharing it with us. You all were a happy couple too. That is what it is all about. Thank God for good memories.