Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 list of 100.~ February 7, 2012

Okay, here's another 10 list of 100.
Your go to a remote island and can only bring 10 things with you.  No electronics.  What would you bring?
  1. Lots of books.  No idea how long I'll be there.
  2. Suntan Lotion
  3. Deodorant - want to be able to stand myself
  4. Crocheting hooks and yarn
  5. paper
  6. clothes
  7. soap
  8. toothpaste
  9. toothbrush
It has been a very cloudy and overcast day. We really need the rain.  We are so dry and fires are a constant worry.  The grass is like hay. It did rain a tiny bit yesterday, but it was more of a spitting than a rain.
Had a good time at crocheting today, although I didn't want to do much.  ha ha.  One of those kinds of days.
So until the next time........


  1. I played this game awhile ago, and this was my list:
    1. pillow
    2. clean undies
    3. insect repellent
    4. Phenergan
    5. hubby
    6. lad
    7. Tonka trucks
    8. crochet stuff
    9. Kindle
    10. Vodka Cruiser casks!

    As my Kindle is an electronic device, I'd have to swap it for a really big book to read.

    1. I might have to change my list. ha ha.. Thanks for playing along. I am just learning to crochet and love it... What to make next.....