Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 of 100 is the letter P ~ Wednesday February 8, 2012

Another lazy kind of day.  Worked a little doing some crocheting, and looking around the computer for new and different patterns.  I think you could spend "years" looking and still not see it all.  All I know is that I had to go put more liquid tears in my eyes, or whatever that is called.  I did make one of my weekly/bi-weekly/daily trips to the drug store.  They still don't have a loan department, which I think is outrageous.  ha ha.  Made some chicken for supper and didn't really want it, so I shredded it put it in the refrigerator and will make some chicken salad tomorrow.  Yeah..  That sounds good to me... Took a trip around pinterest too.  I am afraid that it will be my next addiction....ha ha.. 
My next list of 10 of 100 is the letter P.  Just the first 10 words that pop into your mind.
 1. Pop
 2. Pineapple
 3. Pear
 4. Poodle
 5. Purchase
 6. Pressure
 7. Princess
 8. Plop
 9. Pizza
HA HA HA.  I wonder where those words came from and why they popped up...  ha ha..  The mind is a strange and wonderful thing, so I guess we need to use it before we lose it, which at my age, may sadly not be to far into the future. So join me if your up to it... 

Until next time......


  1. The first P word that pops up for me is PINTEREST! I love pinterest, I have found lots of great crochet and sewing ideas on there and have even managed to make some of them.

    The other section I like at pinterest is Humour, there are lots of laughs there.

    1. It is Sooooooooooooooooooo Addicting... ha ha. I am loving it. Not sure how to upload a picture from my own pics, but I am loving it...