Thursday, February 2, 2012

List of 10 ~ 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me -February 2, 2012

Okay, Back to the List of 10 of 100
Today I thought I would do 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me.
Ummm..  Do I have to answer???  ha ha.
1. That I am a middle child.  I had an older brother that was stillborn.
2. As to my middle name, I was named after my mom's friend JoAnn but they called her JoJo, and so mine is Jo
3. I think everyone knows, but I do not require a lot of sleep and am up all hours of the day and night
4. I am scared of the dark.  I need some light on at night, even in the bedroom
5. I am a klutz, and tell on myself all the time.
6. I am a homebody that has force herself out of the house
7. I love to read and write, but no arithmetic ha ha
8.I love monkeys, and have since I was an infant.  My uncle gave me one the day I was born and I  still have it.
9. I can do a "fish face" without using my hands to pinch in my cheeks.  ha ha
10. I believe that my mom, dad, Don, and our dogs that have died are my angels.  I believe this with all my heart and soul.
So, join me and create your own list of 10 Things People May or May Not Know About Me.


  1. 1. I am on only child

    2. I am severely left handed

    3. I have no sense of direction, wherever I am pointed, to me that is North

    4. I love to travel and just ramble around.

    5. My greatest passion is writing followed closely by reading

    6. I am so afraid of Alzheimers Disease. I think this may be one reason I love to write. I saw what the disease did to Mama and I want our story told.

    7. Absolutely love coffee with all those flavored creamers--- It really doesn't take much to make me happy:)

    8. I say my Mother's and my Grandmother's name randomly sometimes through out the day. I believe they watch over me

    9. I like being my age. This is as close to "free" as I have ever been.

    10. My heart belongs by the ocean.

    1. We did it again Vicky. Anywhere I am is north. ha ha..Love my coffee creamers, especially the Italian Sweet Creme, and love the ocean.
      Thanks for taking the time to do this...