Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Total Waste Of Makeup Day ~ January 25, 2012

It is such a pain to have to wait for an appointment.  Well, if you are sick and you call, and they can't take you, that's an even worse pain, but I'm talking about waiting around until your appointment time..  Why is that?  I never want to do anything except get my shower and have my coffee.  Not that I do much more than that on any given day, but it cuts into my play time...  HA HA.  Torture today, I mean physical therapy.  I have no idea why I am even doing this.  The therapist (physical one, not the shrink one) says it won't help with my back.  Nothing will except surgery, and I am not into that idea at all.  So, it's therapy and back shots.. Which reminds me.  That's another thing to wait for.  Your up, and you know there is someone in the doctor's office, but they won't answer the phones until exactly 9:00.  Seems like we wait a lot. 
Therapy went okay, if pain is any indication.  ha ha.  She gave me some exercises to do in the pool also.  It felt soooo good when she put the ice pack on my back.  It took a while to find the right spot for the tingly wirey things she attached to my back.  She turned it up so high I thought I was levitating off the table.  Looked around and did not see David Copperfield.....ha ha.. Once I recovered from that, it was much better.  My back stayed frozen for a little while and it felt so good.  Now to find a way to strap some ice cold packs to my back 24/7.  ha ha
So, as you can see, it was a total waste of makeup kinda day..  Nothing but torture...ha ha, and I am not wearing lipstick to that.  ha ha.

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