Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reality Setting In ~ January 18, 2012

Sorry I am not myself today.  This picture reminds me of me today.  Pensive and deep in thought.  Sad, and thinking, thinking, thinking. Good things happened, but so did reality,

It is just beginning to hit me how bad my back really is, and that the major surgery they want to do, is probably inevitable.  I went to physical therapy and they said whatever they may be able to do, won't do anything other than MAYBE help strengthen some muscles so that when I have the surgery it will make it easier on the rehab part.  The doctor wanted me to go 3 times a week but the physical therapist said only 2 times a week.  3 times would be to much on my back.  Also she wants me to use a cane.  Not happening.  I think that's when it hit me.  I am in a funk about it all.  I worry about the rehab part, will I make it through surgery, and Beulah... My baby.  (Big Sigh) It's times like this when I really miss my husband.  I believe he is watching over me, but still, wish he was here in person. I sure could use one of his hugs right about now.

On the up side, I got a laptop.  The WIFI signal here is so bad, I will need to get something and then something else.  ha ha.  You can see how much I know.  Thank goodness for brothers, well especially mine.  At times, I would be lost without him.

Going to go and read and who knows........Good shows on tonight.  The Middle, Modern Family, and Revenge.  Maybe that will take my mind off of things.

Till next time....................................


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  1. My best friend had to have back surgery a few years ago.She is on disability now, but she is not in as much pain. I hope only good things for you.

    The picture speaks a thousand words. You aren't alone in this. You have a close family and friends around the world who care.