Thursday, January 19, 2012

LISTS ~ 10 Restaurants ~ January 19, 2012

I was thinking, (dangerous I know), but I decided to try to 100 questions and answers.  Doing 10 at a time on a subject.  Join me and let me know yours too.
Thought I would start out with:
10 Restaurants
1. Sonny's bbq. - Love their barbecued pork.  Mmm Mmm Good, and they have wonderful sweet tea.  Don loved Sonny's too.
2. Olive Garden - Love their soup and salad - The salad is so crisp and with the croutons, and black olives, it's killer.  I like their potato gnocchi soup too. The bread is good. 
3. Publix - Okay, technically it's not a restaurant, it's a grocery store, but they have the BEST hoagies (subs).  And I prefer a sandwich to a meal.
4. Creative Arts Cafe - They have down home cooking and the best Reubens.
5. Applebees - Not so much the food, as the soup.  They have the best Onion Soup.  Not on the menu, but if you ask for it they have it.  Also their margaritas are pretty darn good.
6. LaSpada's - Hands down the best Cheesesteak this side of Philly...
7. Cracker Barrel - Love their dumplings, and the gift shop isn't too shabby either.  
8.  Dunkin Donuts - Just for a great cup of coffee
9. Red Lobster - crab legs, shrimp, and the cheddar biscuits.
10. Genuines - I love their Calle Ocho pulled pork..
This was harder than I thought it would be because I don't go to eat at fancy shamcy places. I prefer a good home cooked meal (by someone else) ha ha.  Brisket with bow ties and kasha, turkey and stuffing, spaghetti, that kind of food..  ha ha
Had yet another doctor's appointment, and I'm not crazy.  ha ha..Just lots of pain.  Then it was off to my crocheting.  I am so grateful to Marivel for "picking me up" at Wally World.  What can I say, I was a cheap date. I was glad to see Rebecca came too. Started to work on the cat that Steve and Debra came up with. 
Trying to set up some mini goals, which for some are second nature, but for me, they are hurdles.  The first one I did was go out to eat alone.  That was tough, but not as bad as I thought.  No panic attack.  ha ha.. I have my next one in my mind, but don't want to put it from pen to paper (in this case ink to paper - sort of the same thing, pen-ink- yup, the same) until I accomplish it.
Well, I have tortured you all enough.  Please include your list of favorites.  I would love to see them.  Remember, I am going to be doing this list of list thing so please participate.


  1. Favorite restaurants...some local....some chains...
    1-Mama Maria (Local) best gnocchi pesto ever! Also very good garlic knots and salad.
    2-Miss Kitty's (local) great cheese burgers, Home made salads, Macc salad, potato salad, slaw.Killer country style steak with mashed potatoes, & choice of 1 more side, all good.
    3- Cracker Barrel love breakfast there
    4-Olive Garden...good soup, salad & bread sticks
    5-Roanoke weiner stand (local) best hot dogs anywhere
    6-New York Deli (local) best Reuben & German style potato salad.
    7-Parkers seafood (local) yummy red snapper!
    8-New Yorker (local) best pizza & philly cheese steaks some of their subs
    10- DiBellas In New York...awesome variety of sandwiches & subs. Char

  2. Danielle's Top 10 of the 4 Towns area & Sanford!
    These are not in any particular order!
    1)Genuine's (DeBary)- Agreed that the Calle Ocho sandwich with a side of Sweet Potato Fries is my go to dish!
    2)Mi Mexico (Deland) - Fajita Quesadilla, big enough for two meals!
    3)Publix - Subs! Hands down the Cheesesteak!!!
    4)Bagel King (Deltona) - Try the Italian bagel, it's my fav at the moment.
    5)Lotus Garden (DeBary) - Best Chinese in town, family owned and operated! The General Tso's is yummy!
    6)Scoripo's (Deltona) - now with 2 locations. Really good Italian. I eat there at least twice week.
    7)The Smokehouse @ Route 46 Entertainment District (Sanford) - Awesome Breakfast (Sat & Sun), great pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries!
    8)Colorado's Prime Steak (Sanford) - The Smoked Prime Rib!
    9)Sal's Italian Ice (Sanford) - Chocolate Italian Ice, yum!
    10)Panera Bread (Sanford) - French onion soup & Caesar Salad!

  3. Thanks for participating. It's fun and interesting to see what others sharing their answers.