Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014 -

Organize is the picture of the day Day two of the photo challenge and I am still doing it. . Yeah me..  ha ha..  I have so many things that need organizing that my head spins and my brain (or at the marbles in there) shake, rattle and roll around. 
I chose this book that a friend of mine Rachel made for me as a Christmas gift.  It is to keep website addresses and passwords (which I do forget) in.  I have a bunch of envelopes and papers with them on it, and some I don't even know at all....  So this is the perfect place to start.  Start small and work my way up.. I also like the idea that it is homemade, so that makes it special....  As soon as I post this I will make my first entry....Or maybe I should stop writing and do it now.  Yeah I think that's what I'll do..  Go get a snack.  I'll be right back....Okay, I'm back.  I would show it to you, but I heard giving out passwords is not a good idea.  ha ha.  So you will just have to take my word for it.
Went to Wally World today for some yarn and lunch meat.  I actually got a good riding cart full of juice...There was a huge line for the deli so I didn't get anything.  They carry the Land O Lakes American white cheese that I like.  Publix quit carrying it when then started carrying Boars Head products.  Anyway.....Still have Willie with me.  He is so darn cute, but I forgot about them having to be walked...  ha ha...  With my sciatic acting up and my back, it has been a challenge.  I know he misses his mom.  Michelle takes him for LONG walks.  We go a couple doors down and back.  But he is curled in my bed and seems okay with it..
We are going from being in the high 70's and low 80's to the 40's or 30's tonight with the wind chills.  That's a big drop.  If it's cold I want to see snow. Not drive in it or shovel it, just look at the beauty of it.  As to my water, I am almost done my 3rd one.  I will try to have another one. 
Had some good phone conversations today, and one for almost 2 hours with a friend who we just don't get to talk much or see each other much since she started working.  It was really good to catch up and laugh like that again.  Hopefully we will be getting together sooner than later.  Reminiscing about a class we took at the college 4 years ago and trying to remember names... ha ha. 
There is a lull in the rain so I am taking Willie out, and then on to watching t.v.  Full lineup of good shows tonight.  Well at least for me.. 
Until next time

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