Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My day, my blog,My baby girl ~ May 16, 2012

This is a picture of Beulah in my Jeep back in 2009.  She is older by 3 years,  (obviously),  and has so much gray and a whole lot chubbier.                       
Oh fun, oh joy...  ha ha..  What a day.  My legs were so bad this morning I had to cancel my doctor's appointment because they just were killing me and I had a hard time getting out of bed.  I bet it took me a good 20 minutes of trying, but the pain just would not let me stand on them.  I called and cancelled and rescheduled.  I need to remember to put the new appointment on the calendar.  I am so bad about that.  They will call the day before to remind me and I'm thinking, really....I have an appointment tomorrow.  I go to so many doctor's I am thinking of making a chart of the clothes I wear there.  I don't want them to think I wear the same ones all the time, although I do. ha ha.  Beulah was good this morning.  Usually she is barking or howling to go out as soon as she see's my eyes open.  Honest to pete, she has the best radar I have ever known.  She can be in the other room.  I open my eyes and I hear her romping to the bedroom, if she isn't already in there.  It's the darndest thing. 
I then took her out, came in, made and drank my coffee, and had a healthy breakfast of leftover macaroni salad.  ha ha.  It was so good.  I made it yesterday, and my neighbor/friend next door loves it.  I called and told her I made it and she came over.  Before she got in the house my neighbor across the street saw here and so I invited her over too.  She loved it too.  It was no big deal and no recipe.
Macaroni - cook it
Mayonnaise and vinegar - mix together as much as you like
Kalamata Olives
Green Olives
hard boiled eggs
And voila, macaroni salad... Between the 3 of us we ate just about the entire pound of macaroni.
Back to today...I called and could finally get Beulah into the groomer to have her nails clipped.  Now this is not easy feat.  She is almost 50 pounds and can't jump anymore.  I have to lift her into my Jeep.  Take my bad legs, my bad back, and her dead weight it is not a pretty picture.  ha ha.  Thank goodness the groomer took her out of the car and carried her in and then back out to my car. Bless you Kelly..And she's a tiny thing.  Kelly, not Beulah.  Beulah is now limping again.  She has the bad leg, and I think when Kelly was clipping the nails, she may have manipulated her leg and aggravated it.  My poor baby.  I won the battle..... What battle you may ask.  Her pain pill battle.  She will take her arthritis medication if I crush it and mix it in with some Frosted Flakes and milk.  (Is she spoiled???  Judge for yourself). ha ha.  But any other medicine she will not take.  She see's a peanut butter jar and turns her head and hides.  Burying it in food I have a 10 percent chance she will take it.  She usually eats the meat, cheese, etc, and spits out the pills.  Like and idiot I am sitting her making tiny slits in tiny elbow macaroni to shove the pill in, all the while trying to put another one on top to completely hide it, and then wrap yet 2 more to cover.  I then have more of the macaroni salad very very close so that  as soon as she takes the ones with the pill, I can try to shove the "good stuff" at her.  It did work.  Yeah for me.  Hopefully she will feel better soon. She is such a good little girl and I hate to see her in any kind of discomfort. Needless to say, I'm exhausted from it.  ha ha.  Between her and I we don't make a whole person/dog. 
I am about to make myself some Ramen noodle soup.  Don't care for the soup, but love the noodles.  ha ha...
So that's it so far today
Until next time


  1. I bought a ramp for my beagles. I have a Toyota Rav 4, so they don't have to jump high, but it's still a bit of a jump. The ramp was a great idea- I even bought one that was lightweight so that if it was just me, I could maneuver it in and out of the car. Great idea- now if the spoiled little munchkins will just USE it! :) hahah.

    I understand the pill battle too- I've watched them eat cottage cheese, and spit out the pill. Peanut butter works pretty well for us, but we are good about giving them peanut butter at other times too so they don't look at it as just a medication thing.

    Hope the pain is better for you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Amy. I will have to look into the ramp. It never crossed my mind.

      As to the peanut butter we gave it to her all the time, but once she associated it with pills, that was it.. ha ha.

      Thanks for following my blog and for your kind words. Give your babies a hug for me.