Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beep Beep ~ May 20, 2012

Cars..  Not the normal topic for me, but I was laying there trying to fall asleep (it was not happening) and I started thinking of cars I have had.  How odd is that..  ha ha
Growing up, I drove my mom's car.  She had a canary yellow Javelin.  Remember the commercial with the fish. "Hey..wanna race".  Well, I took that literally and raced and dropped the transmission.  I could only go in reverse.  Not a good thing. 
Then I got married and we had a Dodge Polaris.  Oh how I loved that car.  I don't know if it was so much the car or the fact that the  gears were push buttons.  No putting anything in gear.  Just push the button and you were in drive, reverse, etc. (It's the little things that excite me). 
Then I got a 1958 VW bug.  That was in 1973 or 1974.  It was red and her name was Tizzy.  Yes, she had a name.  My grandfather always wanted to go for a ride.  The only problem was it didn't have a gas gauge, and I had to stick a ruler in there to see how much gas I had.  Needless to say, I would forget and would run out of gas.  Not a good thing with an 80 year old man who decides he's going to walk home.. (15 miles or so from home), getting more aggravated as the moments went by.  And yet, the next day, he would ask to go for a ride.  I loved my grandpa.  RIP Pop. Another thing was it was a stick shift and not synchronized.  I did not know how to drive a stick.  I would roll down the hill, buck and stall and stall some more.  I had a love/hate relationship with her.
Then it was a Green Grand Marquis.  Nothing special except it was brand spanking new.  Don't remember what happened to it.
Then I remember our 1971 Chevy Chevette.  It was a lemon.  I mean a really really sour lemon....  Let's put it this way.  A kid on a bicycle beat me up a hill.  But I was so happy with it when we moved to Florida.  Who cared if the transmission was bad, and it had so many problems.  It made it here and I was so excited to drive it on the beach at Daytona.  That got old fast.  HA HA.  The hatch back was nice for our chairs, cooler, and fishing rods. 
Then my red Dodge Aspen.  That is the first car I bought myself.  I was going through my divorce and went and bought it by myself.  The ad said "year, make, model, am/fm radio, cassette player, air, etc.  Long story short.  I could not get the radio to work.  Got home with it and a friend looked at it.  It had no speakers.  So I had to go buy them and he put them in.  The ad did not say anything about speakers so I felt kind of stupid, but oh well.  Whatever... ha ha.  I have no idea what a slant 6 engine is, but that is all the guys talked about.  So I'm thinking I made a good choice.
Then it was on to a baby blue Grand Marquis.  That was the prettiest color car I have ever seen.  I have not seen another car that color to this day. 
Then onto a black car.  ha ha.  I don't remember what it was.  ha ha.  I do know the seat belt got stuck and I was in the parking lot of a shopping center and it would not come apart.  Thank goodness the seats reclined.  After panicking I thought to lay the seat down and shimmied backwards out of it.  G-d only knows what people must have thought of this woman crying and wiggling.  ha ha.
And now my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I love my Jeep.  Yes it has developed problems over the years, but I love it and Beulah loves being a co-pilot.  She doesn't get to ride in it much anymore as she can't jump up.  I feel so bad for her, but did I mention I love the Jeep.  ha ha..
I think there may have been another car or two in there somewhere, but with my memory and not knowing anything about cars, I think I'd done quite well...
So that is it for today.  I am on my way to the library.  Lucky they are open on Sunday's.  I have my potato salad made, and will make my pounded pork for supper.  Plans are in place.  Just trying to figure out my meds.  With a few new ones thrown in there because of my finger (a whole nother story- doctor's on Friday, hospital for x-rays, etc.).  Some you have to take with meals, some on an empty stomach, can't take this with that, etc.  It's enough to make an old lady crazy.  ha ha...
Until next time...


  1. Hahaha loved reading about your cars.

    I hope your finger is ok! You need it for crochet!
    My lad fell over and hit his head on the edge of the coffee table last week :O single worst moment of my life. Doctor managed to glue it together instead of stitches, he said stitches would have been more secure and less scarring. But stitches would have involved anaesthetic and more needles so I'm happy for a little scar and less trauma for him.

    Speaking of stitches, I had my stitches taken out today (had a mole removed, non-cancerous, yay) now my arm looks naked with no mole on it.

    Mmmm how did I get moles from cars... no idea...

    Enjoy your pork and potatoes (potatoes are my absolute number one favourite food btw).

    1. Nicole,

      Thank goodness your results were not cancer. You'll get use to naked. ha ha. Sorry about your little guy. I know he's the one that fell, but it hurts the parents so much more to watch their children in pain knowing there is nothing we could do. Hope you both are feeling better...

      Oh.. and the pork was so good...ha ha. Subjects just pop in my head too and I have no idea how they get there. ha ha.