Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprise Pictures ~ April 24, 2012

                                                                    Miss Beulah

                                                     Cheyanna and Cooler

                                                                   Jared and Cooler
Woke up to the sweetest little girl talking softly to me.  When I didn't move fast enough it became a louder howl.  I'm talking about my baby girl Beulah who just happens to be a beagle...
Then, I take her for her walk, my legs are buckling and I just pray they will keep me up.  I really don't feel like sitting in the middle of the road. ha ha.  Made it home and put up my coffee, gave Beulah her treats, and sat down to the computer to check my e-mail and facebook.  When I went to my e-mail, I got the best surprise.  There staring me right in the face was 4 pictures of my grandchildren.  What a wonderful morning this has been.  Beulah, Jared, and Cheyanna's big brown eyes looking right at me..  That is heaven on earth. I have the best grandbabies.  All 3 of them. I know every grandparent says that, but mine are so special and I love them like crazy.  Miss them so much.  Of course their mom and dad aren't to shabby either. ha ha.  I am so lucky and blessed to have the family I do.  Okay, before I cry lets move on..  ha ha
I have been reading like crazy.  As I have said before I found a new author and really like her style of writing.  She grabs me within the first few pages.  Robyn Carr.  I am currently reading her Virgin River series.  I started out with a few, then realized it was a series, so I am reading them in order now.  Read the first 3, put the 4th on reserve at the library, and am currently reading (as of today) Lisa Scottoline's new book "Come Home".  I love to sit outside and read.  Today will be a great day to sit out.  It is really cool. 52 degrees at 9:00 AM.  I love this cooler weather.  I know it won't last.  Perfect for a cup of coffee and a book.  It's also trash day.. Just remembered that, so I need to get it down there.  Just thought I would share that.  ha ha.  Things pop in my head and out my mouth, or in this case into words on a paper, or computer. ha ha. 
It is now hot out again.  I had on my jeans and the sun is beating down so hard I had to come back in.  Oh well, time for Beulah's supper.
Until next time....................


  1. Beulah looks a lot like my Onyx!

  2. Amy, she is getting old and her "saddle" was all black but is now dotted with a lot of grey, just like me. ha ha....

  3. The photos are wonderful, Cheyanna sure looks like she has some "don't mess with me" attitude there!

    The Lisa Scottoline books sound really good, but they are some of the more expensive books to buy for my Kindle so haven't bought any yet.

    1. Thanks Nicole. She is exactly a "don't mess with me" kind of gal. ha ha.. But she can be so sweet at the same time...

      I don't have a Kindle. I get most of my books from the library as I can't afford to buy them, especially when they first come out. They have been talking about budget cuts and closing some of the libraries. I will be heartbroken if they close them. I guess it's the sign of the times with being able to download books. The library also lets you "borrow" books for download. I like the feel of a book and being able to turn the pages. Besides.....where would I put my bookmarks??? ha ha...