Thursday, April 19, 2012

If your happy ....Meds.....April 19, 2012

Crocheting with the ladies today.  We are the "Yarn Hookers".  The plan for next week is to take it to the beach.  I think that will be a lot of fun...Probably not much crocheting is going to go on.  ha ha.  My Tuesday group is the "Happy Hookers".  I am noticing a theme here. ha ha
All done with doctors and appointments this week..  Yeah..  Considering I have been going since Tuesday.  Played pin cushion, better known as blood work, Wednesday the family doctor and a bone density scan, and today, Thursday the kidney doctor.  I am doctored out.  ha ha.
I thought was really weird.  I had to have blood work done for the kidney doctor and the family doctor so I did it all at one time.  I always ask for a copy of my blood work.  I was looking at it, and there are some things that don't match up.  How can that be?  Sample blood, same time, and yet different numbers on some of them..  I think I will be calling the lab to find out why.  Just seems odd to me.
Got an invitation to Casi's college graduation.  I am really looking forward to going.  She is graduation Bethune Cookman College, and I am so excited for her. Of course I opened the invitation and SURPRISE.............................all these little graduation caps fell out all over the floor.  ha ha...  They are cute though. ha ha
Keeps looking like it wants to rain.  Hope it does.
Well, until next time.........................................


  1. Hello pincushion, oops, I mean Denise.

    Your crochet groups must be fun, and I think you are right when you say you won't get much done at the beach! You might have nice exfoliated feet though hahahahaha.

    I know a lady who was born with only one kidney. She didn't want to go on the waiting list for a donor kidney, nor does she want to go to the hospital for dialysis a few times a week. She is 89 years old now and her kidney is functioning at about 30%. She is doing pretty well, all things considered. We were neighbours for a couple of years and I really miss her. I am hoping to be able to visit her in July.

    Take care xx

  2. Nicole, I hope you do get to visit with her. It has been so hot that the beach sounds like heaven. I only live 40 minutes from it, it's not like it's far. When Don was alive we went every weekend. We would fish, go crabbing, and then onto the beach. I miss it. And I did feel like a pincushion. ha ha