Friday, March 23, 2012

Beginning of the V Afghan (Nu Nu) and ramblings March 23, 2012

                                           THE YARN I AM USING FOR THE V AFGHAN

                                             A CLOSER LOOK AT IT IN THE BEGINNING


What a morning.  I can't stand going for these epidurals.  8 total today, 4 on each side.  I am still hurting from them.  The last 2 times it wasn't like this.  He said he went deeper because they didn't work 2 weeks ago.  Lucky me..  Yeah...  ha ha.
The only good thing about it is that I got some reading done while waiting, and then it was off to Dunkin Donuts for coffee.  That ALMOST made it worthwhile to have the shots.  The good thing is that after going 3 times every 2 weeks, I get a month off.  Now all the side affects will kick in. 
I was trying to rest my back, but Miss Beulah here keeps wanting to go out.  Any other day she would sleep all day, but not today.. Poor baby.  Maybe she doesn't feel well.
I am having to write this in spurts as it hurts to sit here and type this for any length of time.
I have been laying on the the couch (yes Beulah is sharing today) ha ha, and doing some reading and crocheting.  I took pictures of my afghan in progress.  I guess I should call is my Nu Nu.  That's what my dad used to call his.  He would ask us to bring him his NuNu.  And what did he use it for?  To cover the dog on his lap.  ha ha.  So I do come by some things honestly.  ha ha..  And it's funny to remember this as today would have been my mom and dad's 65th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary.  Love and miss you both.
This afghan is called the V stitch, and I am really liking it.  I crochet tight so I am working on "loosening up" some.  Hope I'm not doing it to loose.  It kinda looks good to me. Thanks goes to Mary for teaching me the stitch.  There are so many great ideas that I get from the group and the web, and You Tube.
Leave me a note or comment if you feel like it.  I love reading your messages.
Until next time.......



  1. I hope those epidurals start to work soon :(

    Haha I laughed reading about your dad covering up the dog on his lap, and a happy anniversary to your parents.

    I LOVE that V-stitch afghan, I particularly like that pale greeen colour. I am making an afghan out of Red Heart yarn at the moment too, it is called a painted turtle afghan, and I am making hexagons that will need to be crocheted together at the end. I am making it for a pregnant friend, and I wish I'd picked something slightly less involved for my first afghan LOL.

    1. I was going to say, that sounds hard. The afghan I am working on is using red heart. If you need the directions for the v stitch one, let me know and I'll post it for you. If me as a beginner can make it, I know you can. Would love to see yours. I have never heard of it but it sounds so complicated and yet amazing. ha ha.