Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Book, Another Day, More meanderings~March 24, 2012

Just finished reading another Robyn Carr book.  Angel's Peak.  It was really good.  Hard to put down.  I know this is a series and I am reading them all out of order, but I guess it doesn't matter.  ha ha.  Went to the library today and got 2 more of her books.  The one's I am reading are from the Virgin River series. I have read another one of hers not from this series and it was good too.  When I find an author I like I try to read all their books.  I have read all the Danielle Steel books, and most of Barbara Delinsky's books.  The problem is I never kept track of what I did and did not read.  I would go and buy a book only to get a few pages in and know I've read it.  Over the years the covers change and sometimes I have read the hardback books and then they come out in paperback...  I also have read all of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovitch.  I have read others from her, and didn't care for them.  Sandra Brown is another one until she started writing the murder ones and then I didn't care for them as much, so stopped reading her.  There are so many that I like and then again some authors I like some of their books and not others.  I love to read, so I hope my eyeballs hold out over the years.  I have listened to the books on tape and don't care for them.  They have someones voice that I don't picture when I read.
Went to Publix and picked up some medication.  They have certain medicine that is free, and my diabetes pill is one of them.  I also need to get something for supper, and look over their ice cream selection.  I know it will blow my sugar even higher, but hopefully not to much worse.  I manage it really well, but with the steroids from the epidurals it makes my sugar go way up there. I have lots of problems from them.  My advice to you all, which my daddy told me many years ago.  He said "Honey, don't get old".  I said the alternative wasn't much better.  ha ha..  And my own doctor told me "After 40 it's all downhill".  ha ha.  You know your old when you talk about your ailments and what medications your on.  ha ha....
Well it's fixin to rain.  They are calling for thunder storms, so I am going to post this now.
Until next time.


  1. That was nice reading for a Sunday morning :) I love reading, and when I find a good author I like to read all of their books too (or blogs hahaha!)

  2. Hi Denise, nice little blog you have. I don't know if you know about but when you read a book and post it there they keep it on a bookshelf and all can see and you also can make comments or suggestions. They actually have a picture of the book, just as it looks. Good luck with blog, I was thinking of starting one also. Blessings, Mary