Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another list of 10 plus ramblings ~ March 21, 2012

It's happening again.  I need to take a break from Facebook.  ha ha.  Who would have thought that would happen.  I go on to play a few games, but have cut way back on it.  Guess what???  I actually did housework today..  Yup..  I sure did.  Along with that I am reading another Robyn Carr book, and did some on my afghan.
Yesterday Mary, from my Happy Hookers, showed me the V stitch afghan, and I can do it and I really like it.  Now if only Michael's will get in the yarn I started with... They have been out of so many yarns lately.  I can't wait until Hobby Lobby opens.  I smell a field trip coming up.  ha ha..  It's just what we need to get Michael's to shape up.
I tired greek yogurt for the first time today, and do I like it?? Not so much.  ha ha.  I tried the Fage with cherry.  It was so thick and reminded me of sour cream, which I don't like unless it has sugar in it, but the Honeybell Orange was sooooo sweet.  Now I'm sitting here thinking about supper.  I am leaning towards hamburgers and green beans.  I got some fresh beans from the farmers market on Monday, and they have been really sweet, so I am hoping these are too.  Beulah even likes them... Oh wait, those were the frozen ones she liked.  She'll either have to like the fresh ones or not share my supper.  ha ha.
It has been a sunny dreary day.  Quite an oxymoron.  It is overcast at times, and then sunny.  I was sitting out with Beulah reading, the sun was shining, and it was raining.  Just a drizzle, but hard enough that I didn't want to get my book wet, and you could see the rain landing in my cup of coffee.  So I came in, turned on the AC, and am sitting here typing this.
Here is another list of 10 things.  Please feel free to post yours.
10 Things I am grateful for (not people or animals/pets)
 1. The ability to read
 2. Books and magazines
 3. Coffee, especially the first cup of the morning
 4. TV..Yes, I watch a lot of t.v.
 5. Crocheting.  It is new to me and I'm loving it
 6. Air Conditioning
 7. Eyeliner.  I am not vain, but a little help doesn't hurt.  ha ha
 8. Pain Management. My back not hurting as much as it usually does
 9. Butterflies that remind me of Don, My mom and dad.
10.The computer
I could go on and on, but 10 is good. What are yours?
Well, until next time........


  1. just found your blog...via facebook...

    My list of 10 things I'm grateful for would be:
    1. my life of ease...being unemployed is great except for the money part..
    2. this wonderful weather...80s in March...whoohoooo
    3. shorts, tanks and flip flops
    4. knitting
    5. crocheting
    6. reading glasses
    7. topless jeeps
    8. strawberrys (making strawberry pie today for son's birthday)
    9. my grill
    10. my back yard.

  2. Hi Sue. It's so nice to "meet" you. I love your list. I am learning to crochet and want to learn to knit. One thing at a time. ha ha. Lots of the same interests, especially my flip flops. I have a jeep, but it's not topless... Happy Birthday to your son and I'll check out your blog. Hope you visit often.

  3. Hellooo Denise! I don't like yoghurt of any sort, I wish I did, it would be a good snack, it's versatile and can be healthy too.

    The 10 things I am grateful for are a bit similar to yours!

    1. My Kindle
    3. Red Bull
    4. Being able to exercise
    5. My sons preschool
    6. My laptop
    7. Gas heating
    8. Sunny weather
    9. Crochet and sewing
    10. Very grateful for not having to work.

  4. To me, that was just nasty. ha ha. I'm with you on being grateful for not having to work. Mine is not by choice, but I take my blessings anywhere I can find them. ha ha. Thanks for sharing your list. I really do enjoy reading them.