Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Book Read, Neighbor Complaint , and Lame Joke March 16, 2012

The people (no longer referred to as neighbor) are at it again.  They are so loud and that music is pounding into a headache for me.  And it's only 7PM.  I can't wait until 10 or 11 tonight.  I will be sooooooo glad when bike week is over.  I love seeing the bikes and riders and dogs with their little goggles and clothes, but the neighbors have to go.. ha ha...
Finished reading Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr.  It was a cute little book, and the 2nd that I have read by her.  I think I will eventually read all her books, and she has a lot.
Tomorrow is St. Patty's day.  That means a crock pot full of corned beef and cabbage along with carrots and potatoes. Everyone is Irish on the 17th of March, right??? 
I have just been loving this windy weather.  It's a little cool in the morning and even though it's hot in the afternoon, the breeze feels so good.  I wish I could find a place to live where it was like this all the time. 
Well, that's about it for now.  I will leave you with a groaner
What do you call an Irish girl who stays out all night?
Patty O'Furniture
Your groaning right.  ha ha.
Until next time


  1. I was wondering this morning, why Australians "celebrate" St Patrick's Day, yet we do not celebrate any other countries national day (except Australia Day of course).

    I came to the conclusion that it's because alcohol is involved, generally in copious amounts.

    1. HA HA.. I think on St Patty's Day, everyone is Irish. And yeah, probably the alcohol. ha ha.

  2. Hey this is Donna, just saying you can come to NC where weather is nice. Sure would love to see you and share a brownie sundae. Love ya

    1. Hey you.... I want to. I miss you and my grandbabies..Not so much babies anymore. ha ha. I would so love a brownie sundae with you and for dessert we could have a chunky.......Love and miss you lots ♥