Monday, March 26, 2012

Journey into dishes # 2 plus More ~ March 26, 2012

It is another gorgeous day out there.  Took Beulah for her short walk and then sat outside for a long while.  Came in, got the car keys and took off to the little farmers market.  Not much there I wanted, but I did get some lettuce and pears.  The pears need to ripen.  Still to hard for my liking.
Came in and finished working on Dishcloth # 2 of my 52.  I'll be lucky if I make it to 10.  HA HA....
This little pink and white beauty is so cute.  I love the variegated pink and white.  I wanted a soft pink to edge it in, but of course our Michael's has next to nothing as far as color and selection goes.  Can't wait for Hobby Lobby to open.  The color of this makes me think  of Cotton Candy and the fair.  I used to love to go and walk around seeing all the animals, the shows, the carnival games and the midway all lit up.  Not so much the rides.  I think they throw them up so fast, I just don't feel safe.  I do like the scrambler and the himalayan, but that's it.  I'd rather squirt some water into the mouth of a clown and throw some ping pong balls into a fish bowl so I can rescue the poor fish.  It is so sad to see people walking around with them knowing they will die before they get them home.  I digressed again.  Sorry.  Dishcloth....Very pretty.  ha ha.
Below is the directions for this Dishcloth that I made here.
Crocheted easy dishcloth pattern

Cotton worsted-weight yarn (size 4)
Color A
Color B
(Note: One ball of each color will be more than enough for 2 dishcloths.)
Size H hook

Measures approximately 6 1/2 in X 6 1/2 in

Main Square

With color A, chain 21.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook. *(dc, sc). Repeat from * to end of chain ending with a dc. (20 stitches) Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: #(sc, dc) Repeat from * to end of row ending with a dc. (20 stitches) Ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 until swatch is square.


Join color B with slip stitch in any corner.

*(Sc until you reach a corner. 3 sc into corner.) Repeat from * 3 times. Sl st into beginning sl st.

Until next time


  1. That is my type of dishcloth, quick and easy. The pink colour is beautiful.

    Your talk of the fair reminds me that Show time around our area is starting soon. We went to the huge Easter Show in Sydney last year, and the smaller one in our town. I love to see the animals and the woodchopping competitions, and the craft arena too. As I get older I find I do not like to go on the rides, I used to love being scared to death when I was younger, but not any more.

    Have a great day Denise.

  2. Thanks Nicole. I'm with you on the rides. Life is scary enough without adding in the carnival rides. ha ha....