Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1960's & 1970's School Days and more ~ March 27, 2012

When thinking about my blog today, I wasn't sure what I was going to write about.  Had no earthly clue.  Then it came to me in a sweet little message from a grade school friend of mine who I have not seen in (let's just say many many moons...  Lots of em).  ha ha.
I think grade school and junior high had to have been some of the best times I have ever had.  High school was really fun too.  I know it shouldn't be fun, but it was.
It got me thinking about my friends from back then and the things we did and the fads of the times.  I remember things like playing Spin the Bottle, Miss Salt Lake City, and various other games that no one at that age should be playing, but we thought we were so grown up.  If I had only taken the time to appreciate the innocence of that time I think I would still have done the same things.  ha ha.  I never learn....
Grade school things were crushes, and boy did I have a big one.  Needless to say he broke my heart in 8th grade, and I was devastated.. I think he threw darts at my picture.  ha ha..  I do know that up until a few years ago I still had the mustard seed tie tack that he gave me when we were "going steady"... I have no idea what became of it.
Our biggest fads back then were granny glasses, maltese crosses,. pea coats, madras, nero jackets, bell bottom jeans, flower power, hippies, mood rings, motown, platform shoes, troll dolls, leisure suits for the guys, tie dye, white go go boots, mini skirts, hip huggers, peace signs, beads, ironing our hair to straighten it, setting it with large curlers or empty beer cans, dippity do with scotch tape so your bangs would be straight,   French twists for a party and beehives, and so many many other things.  Not a care in the world as far as bills and household things.  No worries about health or insurance.  Just fun. And to think that so many of these things are back in style.  Those old saying's still ring true.  Everything old is new again...
High School brought about a few more things, like the Vietnam War, sit-ins, walk-outs, bean bag chairs, streaking, strobe lights,  lava lamps, Ambush perfume and Hi Karate for the guys, drugs, rock and roll, fondues, and for us Jack in the Box.....  ha ha.  I took jujitsu, and loved the pep rally's and the football, baseball, and basketball games.  Screaming until we were hoarse. My room, which I shared with Diane (who smoked---I had to sneak cigarettes) was done in black, white and red.  She smoked Marlboro, so we decorated the inside of the bedroom door with the marlboro boxes (hard packs), we had lipstick red wall to wall carpet and our beds were like an L-shape with a table.  Our bed covers were black and white and we had a striped zebra lamp.  In our door way we had black, red, and white beads hanging.  It was so cool.  
If you have any memories, please feel free to share them.  
So, until next time...


  1. Hi Denise, it was great to read about your childhood and the fads, how great it must have been to grow up with a sister.

    I had two brothers, unfortunately they were kind of considered to be "more important" because they were boys, and me being feminine was not encouraged in my family (hope that makes sense). My mum never taught me to do my makeup or hair, as if being girly was something to hide.

    I have always been the black sheep in my family, now I am mid-30's nothing has changed lol. Family dynamics are weird. I hope I can do everything right by my son.

  2. You will be a great mom because you know what it feels like to feel like your not good enough. But you are. I have a brother also. We all have our family dynamics. I think your son is lucky to have you.