Thursday, January 12, 2012

So,can you guess where I was today? If you guessed Popeye's you would be wrong. ha ha. I was at my crocheting group at Half Off Books. I love that place and the group of gals and guys are wonderful. I really am learning. I was so glad that my friend Pat decided to come today. I sensed she really enjoyed herself... Hey Pat. It's Yolanda.... ha ha That is if you even read this. ha ha

Below is the hat I crocheted for my brother to match the scarf I made him.

I look like a convict that just went into a gas station bathroom, colored my hair, stuck on a hat and took a picture to make sure no one would recognize me. ha ha... I have no idea what those marks are. Oh wait. I think it was that pen thing when I tried to resize the picture.

As you can see, I am really enjoying my latest endeavor, and will be able to cross that off my bucket list. My list is more on the practical side. Next need to get a coloring book so I can color every page. Don't ask. ha ha. Just as a kid I only colored the ones I liked. Now I want to do all of them, even if I don't want to. ha ha...

That's it for today. Until the next time.....


  1. This is cute. I like it:) I like to color too and I also only do the ones I like. My granddaughter tries to pick my pictures, but I want to do that. Sometimes I win, sometimes---I color something I really didn't like:)

  2. My grandkids were the same when they were little. We really are finding more and more things we both enjoy doing.. Could be scary Vicky. ha ha.