Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Favorite Games - January 21, 2012

Well, here it is Saturday evening and I am going to hunker down with either the book I’m reading, reading the new magazines I got from Judy, the postcards I am sending from postcrossing, watching t.v., or my crocheting.  As you can see, my evening is wide open….Who says we don’t have choices?? ha ha.  I think that frozen coffee I had tonight may be why my eyes are like saucers.  Earlier I thought I would need toothpicks to keep them open.

Went to scrapbooking today, and did absolutely NOTHING.  Just sat and talked.  I don’t think anyone did anything.  Danielle (you’ll get to know her, and lots of other people too), was showing how to use the Cricuit Machine.  Me..  I need to learn when I’m actually using something.  My brain does not compute on all levels, contrary to popular belief.  Ha ha. I really enjoy being with the girls both at scrapbooking and crochet. 

If anyone wants to give me any ideas for my “10” lists, please let me know

Today the list will be 10 Favorite Games

1. Bejeweled on the computer 

2. Bingo Blitz on the computer

3. Zuma Blitz on the computer

4. Words with Friends on the computer

5. Scrabble

6. Card games like poker, solitaire, etc.

7. Bunco

8. Pokeno

9. Jeopardy on the computer

10. $10,000 pyramid on the computer

Oh my goodness. I just realized most of the things I do are on the computer.  That is not a good thing.  To much on my back, although I have cut way back and try to only be on for 10 or so minutes at a time.

Well, leave me your 10 Favorite Games, and maybe I’ll become addicted to them too..  Ha ha..  Would love for you to share.

Until the next time…..


  1. Hmmm, I don't play a lot of games since I quit work. The patients played games all the time. They taught me most of the games I know. Scary, isn't it?!.

    1. Spades-- usually played with 3 psychos....very interesting:)

    2. Chess

    3. Poker and Texas Hold'em

    4. Curses---a fun game not about cussin'

    5. Phase 10

    6. Scrabble

    7. Suduko

    8. Crossword Puzzles

    That is all I can think of right now. There are more card games, but I can't remember the names.

    1. All I can say is more... ha ha.. We keep finding things..

  2. 1)Angry Birds - iphone/ipad
    2)Suduko - Nintendo DS
    3)Mario Kart - Nintendo Wii
    4)Bull Sh!t (Card Game)
    5)Rummy (Card Game)
    6)Apples to Apples (Board Game)
    7)Scene It! - Xbox 360
    8)Super Mario World - Super Nintendo
    9) Solitaire
    10)Kirby's Pin Ball - Nintendo Game Boy

    1. I love rummy and pin ball. The real one that is. Never played on the computer type thingamabobs. ha ha.