Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I guess I forgot to post a picture of the scarf that I made the other day,  Just finished crocheting another scarf.  This one came out so pretty.  The other one did too, but I like the colors of this one too.  It is a variegated one just like the blue one was. I need to thank my neighbor and friend Michelle for modeling it for me.  

I am also selling them for $8.00.  If they need to be shipped the postage will be extra, but only the amount, nothing over.  I am not out to make a killing, just want to be able to buy a little more of the essentials that I need.  Disability doesn't take you far.  So, any extra money I can make, won't really be extra, but it sure will help, and I love making them.  I am also selling the scrunchies for $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. Again, shipping would be extra.
When did I become a napkin???  I could not believe that Beulah took a drink and proceeded to come over to me.  She put her head down on my lap, and proceeded to wipe her mouth.  Both sides.  I had to laugh.  She looked up at me like, see, I did it myself.  ha ha..
I am trying to do to much at once.  I can't wait for The Biggest Loser to come on tonight.  Only problem is I don't have anything to snack on.  I know, it's an oxymoron to watch a show about weight loss and me sitting here with a bag of chips.  But, no snacks in the house, so it's just plain old water for me.  I am also still reading The Litigator.  It was real good in the beginning and now it's getting to be more of the lawyering stuff.  ha ha
Well, I have bored you enough.  Until next time

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