Friday, January 6, 2012

A Foggy Kind of Morning ~ Friday Jan. 6, 2012

A Foggy Kind Of Morning

It was really foggy out this morning on my way to the post office. Did a few errands like going to the post office, Wally World, and Publix.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who is getting really frustrated with things being made elsewhere? I have read so many things about dog treats being made in China that are harmful to dogs. So.............I made a concerted effort to check this out today. Her dog food is made here in the USA. But all the treats were either made in China or Taiwan. What is wrong here? I thought, well this is just Wal- Mart, but Publix was the same thing? The packaging is made here in the US, but the products are made in CHINA.......I have been so frustrated about the job situation for so many people here, and now it's a health hazard in more ways than one. I know I am ranting, but I am really upset about this.

I know this is strange, but I saw another heart nailed to a pole on the way to the post office again. It has been a few months since I saw one, and there it was just as I was coming up to the curve with the fog really heavy. Another coincidence???

Still reading the same book, A Pizza To Die For. Put lots of crochet books on reserve. Watch, all of them and the 5 other books I reserved will all come in at once. That's what happens to me. ha ha...

I can't believe I'm still doing this...Yeah for me...

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