Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can We Tawk ~ January 15, 2012

Can we tawk....  I'm from Philly and Jersey and that's what we say..  ha ha

Finished reading "A Summer In Sonoma" by "Robyn Carr".  I really enjoyed the book and her characters, and want to read more of her books.  I'm like that.  If I find an author that I like I try to read all the books they have written.  This one was about 4 friends and their relationships since high school.  It is also about their husbands and boyfriends, and just a good book.  Easy reading.

I am sure someone thinks I'm nuts.  Really..  I was on the way home from my brother's (good supper) and was stopped at the light when "I Don't Want This Night" by Luke Bryan came onSo here I am rocking out to that song, which I love, shaking my head, playing on the steering wheel, when out of the corner of my eye I see a person staring at me in the car next to me.  Oh my gosh.  He was laughing, and then I got to laughing, the light turned green, and I took off quick. ha ha..I am sure he could see how red my face was even though it was night, dark, and my windows are tinted.  ha ha..  Note to self, watch for other cars...  ha ha.  Good thing they couldn't hear me.  I threw away all that money my mom gave me for singing lessons.  Think I bought bazooka bubble gum with it, or something like that.  ha ha.

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