Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Okay, saying Baby It's Cold Outside is an understatement. It dipped into the 20's last night and it's only 34 out there now. Brrrr. It is even colder inside than outside. With no heat, it is taking this tiny space heater soooo long to heat up. It's been on for over an hour and it's still just as cold. Miss Beulah is still in her coat from her walk. To cold to take it off, even though she doesn't like it. She looks so comfortable. Of course, she is now in her coat and covered up with a blanket.

I was so toasty last night under that electric blanket. To bad there isn't an extension cord that would reach outside while we went for our short short walk.
After living in Florida for almost 33 years, I think my blood is thinning out, and this is the first time the cold is getting to me. I love cold.... This is bitter cold.

It got me thinking about different things people say.

It's bitter cold. - As opposed to what? Sweet cold?

My hand's are frozen - So what? they are stuck in one position?

It's cold as hell out there. A bit of an oxymoron wouldn't you say?

Well, I am no weather forecaster but I can predict that tonight it will be ...DARK.. ha ha...

So this has been my little rant about the cold weather. There are lots of It's so cold out things out there I thought I would add some of them.

It's so cold outside, I'm using an ice tray as a heating pad

It's so cold out that when you milk the cow, you get ice cream instead

It's so cold that I had to pull all the food out of the freezer, so I could get in there to warm up.

Well, you get the idea. Make today a good day. Stay warm. I will leave you with what just might be true today, "There is ice running through her veins".


  1. Love miss Beulah!!! Arf! from Sidney!!

  2. Love your new blog. Welcome to the wacky world of writing, you are gonna love it. Wish we lived closer, we like to do the same things. take care....

  3. Thanks Danielle, and Vicky, it would be great to live near each other so we could visit in person. We do have a lot of similar interests.

  4. Starting off 2012 with a Blog!!!! Way Cool!!!!....I feel so 2011.